Portrait Agreement

Image of Portrait Agreement


This comprehensive Agreement covers just about anything and everything you can think of to include in a Portrait Agreement (Updated April 2011!)

Here’s a sampling of what is covered:
  • Payment Terms and Session Details (when payment is due, session rules, limitation of liability)
  • Postponement & Illness (adresses illness, weather, and postponement/rescheduling)
  • Termination (encompasses both client and photographer relationship termination)
  • Viewing & Ordering Portraits (addresses gallery live time and length of ordering window, limits of pricing guarantee and sneak peek images)
  • Session Print Credits, Referrals & Gift Certificates (addresses expiration of print credits, referral credit policy and gift certificate conditions)
  • Photographic Image Rights & Copyright Information (most importantly addresses copyright and image alteration)
This document also comes with signature language for both hard copy delivery format as well as electronic delivery format so you can easily customize based on how you typically present your forms to your clients.

MachForms setup of this form is available for an additional $19 fee and can be purchased here.

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